Curry Class Note

John “Jack” Docherty III

John “Jack” Docherty III (B.S. ’61) after retiring in Boston from a career in the surgical implant field where he assisted in the design of total hip and knee replacements, retired to Hilton Head Island, S.C.  “While in retirement, he has participated in volunteer work. Mr. Docherty became the chairman of the Sea Pines Plantation Architectural Review Board, the chairman of the Town of Hilton Head’s Land Management  Ordnance Committee, and the chairman of Hilton Head’s Rules and Procedure Committee. After many years, he recently stepped down as a Town’s Planning Commissioner.

“While a student on a football scholarship at U.Va., he also was a member of the golf team and was the last U.Va. boxer to represent the University in the NCAA Boxing Championships before boxing was eliminated as a college sport.  Mr. Docherty was the president of the School of Education and the President of the Student Education Association, a member of the Jefferson Literary Society, the Executive Committee of Dormitory Counselors, Phi Delta Kappa, the TILKA Society, the IMP Society and the Honor Committee.

“Remarkably, he graduated from U.Va. in three years.”

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