Curry Class Note

David E. D. (Dee) Sinkler

David E. D. (Dee) Sinkler (B.S. ’65 Special Ed) David Sinkler(M.A. Special Ed, SJSU, 1995) is retired now, farming, writing, composing, riding, adventuring. Happy to be alive. All Glory to GOD.

Book is in the process.
Lots and Lots of songs,
Photos sold all over the world.
Sculpture, weavings, pottery, glass and woodwork.

Promoting Motorcycling through Confederation of Clubs


David E. D. (Dee) Sinkler's Curry Memory

“In 1964, I became an undergraduate assistant to one of my Special Education major professors. I had my own office down in the far depths of Peabody Hall, where I was his legs to Alderman Library, doing research for his classes. That experience truly was invaluable in preparation for my life’s work: to help “special” kids. They are just like everybody else, only more-so, you know…

“I started schools, principal’d schools, chaired departments, instituted innovative “Special” programs, empowering kids at both ends of the bell curve of intelligence, and taught ALL SUBJECT levels from 1st grade to GED and college prep. Received Commendation from the state of California for innovative curriculum. On the board of State Textbook Adoption (CA). Put musical instruments into the hands of many, many students, knowing that music has a profound influence upon calming restless minds. Helped start the first school in the U.S. in an Industrial Park, where we had a sheltered workshop with at-risk and ED kids together. Utilized the Socratic method where possible. Taught (facilitated and empowered) in the private and public school systems in 5 states for more than 40 years . The undergraduate assistantship in Curry was a critical factor in forming my future.”

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