Class Notes Submitted in January, 2015

Judy Barbieri (M.Ed ’69) retired after teaching many years in Twickenham, Middlesex, England. “We now spend six months in London and six months in Sanibel, Fla.”

Judy Barbieri's Curry Memory

“I remember what a lovely bunch of people that were there, both studying and teaching.”

Kitty Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT (Ed.S. ’00 Admin & Supv) is founder of Boitnott Coaching, LLC, a coaching service dedicated to offering personal and professional coaching, professional development workshops, and break out programs for conferences and conventions around the country. Kitty speaks on topics related to stress management for busy professionals along with speaking to the importance of intentionally creating work-life balance in today’s busy, information over-loaded world. Kitty has coached dozens of individuals from all over the world either through her private practice or as a career coach consultant with CareerHMO.

Kitty also offers programs related to job search strategies and the problems individuals in their 40’s and 50’s typically run into as they attempt to find new work, switch careers, or find work that is more satisfying after being chronically under employed since the economic meltdown of 2008-2009. (more…)

Anne Constant (M.Ed. ’72, Ed.D. ’79 English Ed) Anne Constant“After retiring 12 years ago from Ernst & Young/Cap Gemini, I embarked on another career—owning and managing (and teaching in) the Jazzercise Premier Fitness Center of Falls Church, Va. Now I’ve just retired a second time and am able to devote more time to travel, sports, music, animal rescue, and, most importantly, family.

Anne Constant's Curry Memory

“Not exactly a ‘memory’–My understanding of how people acquire and use information has been invaluable to me throughout my career as a consultant, sales professional, and business owner…and I have the Curry School to thank for that.”

John “Jack” Docherty III (B.S. ’61) after retiring in Boston from a career in the surgical implant field where he assisted in the design of total hip and knee replacements, retired to Hilton Head Island, S.C.  “While in retirement, he has participated in volunteer work. Mr. Docherty became the chairman of the Sea Pines Plantation Architectural Review Board, the chairman of the Town of Hilton Head’s Land Management  Ordnance Committee, and the chairman of Hilton Head’s Rules and Procedure Committee. After many years, he recently stepped down as a Town’s Planning Commissioner.

“While a student on a football scholarship at U.Va., he also was a member of the golf team and was the last U.Va. boxer to represent the University in the NCAA Boxing Championships before boxing was eliminated as a college sport.  Mr. Docherty was the president of the School of Education and the President of the Student Education Association, a member of the Jefferson Literary Society, the Executive Committee of Dormitory Counselors, Phi Delta Kappa, the TILKA Society, the IMP Society and the Honor Committee.

“Remarkably, he graduated from U.Va. in three years.”

Linda Ettinger Lieberman (M.Ed. ’73 AV C&I) is retiring from her job on February 15, 2015. “I intend to do more volunteer work for Hadassah, the March of Dimes, and my synagogue. My husband and I plan to travel more and enjoy our joint retirement.”

Linda Ettinger Lieberman's Curry Memory

“Moving into Ruffner Hall from our old site [in winter ’72-’73]. Having dinner at the homes of my department chairman and my graduate advisor.

Rebecca Estes Gore (B.S. ’72) Rebecca Gore and familyafter more than 44 years of teaching recently retired. “I spent 20-plus years in Madison County, first as a substitute in the late 60’s and early 70’s while obtaining my degree at U.Va. Upon receiving my undergrad degree I taught Earth and Space Science and coached fast pitch softball at Madison County High School. During that time I also served on the U.Va. softball team’s summer camp staff, with head coach Sue Ross. (more…)

Rebecca Estes Gore's Curry Memory

“Helpful advisors, Dr. Ertel Thompson, and professors — Dr. Lowry — and astronomy professors, Dr. Osvalds, and nights spent at McCormick Observatory. As a teacher, I have visited the observatory many time with students. I have returned to take classes in the Physics dept: both Nuclear and Astronomy.

“In the early 70’s I found it unfortunate that some professors in the college would not let me take their courses offered, i.e., Oceanography, because I was a woman at the University, even though I had excellent grades. As much as Dr. Thompson pleaded on my behalf, I had to wait and take the course at James Madison University. I am sure Curry women do not have that obstacle today.

“Additional memories: One day, attending a PE class in Mem Gym, Dr. Sullivan approached me with a U.Va. basketball uniform, His question was, ‘Did you play basketball in high school.’ My reply: ‘Yes Sir!’. ‘Then would you suit up tonight on the U.Va. team travel to Longwood to play in game against them.’ I would have loved to have said I played basketball at U.Va., but unfortunately, I had a major test the next day and felt it best I not go play basketball. Thinking back, I wish I had taken the offer.”

Tom Grant (B.S. ’79 Math Ed) Tom Grantstarted a new job in August 2014 as full-time Math Emporium Coordinator at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn. “I am excited to be part of this innovative program of computer-based learning, the first of its kind in the state system. I oversee 12 to 24 sections of developmental math each semester, and our goal is to refine our program and eventually create the computer platform entirely in-house. Dr. Senan Hayes developed the program and wrote an excellent workbook in which the students are guided to learn from an electronic text and then complete homework online. Please contact us if you would like to know more or come visit our beautiful facility.

Catherine M. Marchetti (M.T. ‘11 Spec Ed) was named Richmond’s 2014 Teacher of the Year at a ceremony in November. She won $1,000 and goes into the running for the regional teacher of the year honor. Marchetti has been an early-childhood exceptional educational teacher at Amelia Street School for the past three years. She was selected from a field of 46 nominees, including 10 finalists.

Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Martha Nowak (B.S. ’75 Science Ed) Martha Nowakretired after being a classroom life, earth and physics science teacher from 1975-2010. She received the Mid-America Regional Council’s Teaching Environmental Stewardship Award in 2010. Since retiring, she has been program coordinator for One Health Kansas, and K-12 Education Program Coordinator for Kansas State University/Olathe. She married fellow Wahoo, Kent (A & S, 1974), and both enjoy sailing the Caribbean, managing rental properties, and visiting grandkids.

Martha Nowak's Curry Memory

“My passion for teaching was sparked by my elective, Education and Society. I switched my major from nursing to education, and found my mission in life!”