Curry Class Note

Matthew Paylo

Matthew Paylo (Ph.D. ’07 Couns Ed) Paylo book cover

Treating Those with Mental Disorders: A Comprehensive Approach to Case Conceptualization and Treatment
by Victoria E. Kress and Matthew J. Paylo,
Pearson, 2014

Treating Those with Mental Disorders is the authoritative reference on selecting and applying treatments for use in counseling and treating those with mental disorders. In it, students and new counselors don’t just learn about the clinical issues, the DSM-5 system of diagnosis, and interventions that can be used in counseling and treating those with mental disorders, they see clearly how to proceed in treatment planning and how to implement treatment approaches and interventions. The authors present a conceptual framework model, I CAN START, which consists of case conceptualization components and addresses treatment planning from a strength-based, contextually sensitive perspective. Case studies; creative Clinical Toolboxes; Voices from the Trenches; a comfortable presentation of the material; and a comprehensive, rigorous assimilation of the current treatment literature combine to empower counselors to thoughtfully and deliberately help their clients tackle their complex issues and difficulties.

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