Curry Class Note

Jon Springer

Jon Springer (M.T. ’11 Elem Ed) writes about emerging markets in Asia for Forbes online and sometimes in the Forbes Asia magazine. When there’s an opportunity, he finds a way to bring in educations topics to his current work. Most notably, he profiled Humaira Bachal, a young lady from the slums of Karachi in Pakistan that began her education career at the age of 12 and opened her own school at the age of 16.

“My wife and I are currently based in the United Arab Emirates, where she teachers junior high and high school classes. We have two boys, born in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Former classmates may note with surprise that this news update is brief but rest assured the referenced article is somewhat long.”

Jon Springer's Curry Memory

“Teaching kids to read at many different levels. Tutoring kids who were behind or ESOL. Going to my ESOL students’ weekend soccer matches. Professor Tai’s science class (I built my own hovercraft and used it in schools). Observing Professor Trent’s ability to adapt lessons to student participation. Any conversation with Professor Smolkin. Professor Joanne McNergney’s challenging prompts and prods; she is a brilliant sherpa to guide your own thinking. If you are a student of any of the four of them and don’t find a reason to speak with them during their office hours, it is your loss.

“My wife and I also participated in a brilliant multidisciplinary trip to South Africa with the U.Va. summer program that included an education focus guided by Professor Spreen. If you can go on this trip and also participate in Professor Swap’s January term course 6 months after the trip, both are highly recommended.”

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