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H Marie Williams

H Marie Williams (B.S.Ed. ’06 Sports Med) The Remedy

The Remedy
by H Marie Williams.
Self-published, 2014

“The difference between a victim and an overcomer is that a victim is injured, harmed, hurt, even killed by an offender where an overcomer has successfully gained control over the hurt, harm, trauma, etc. Waking up the morning after being raped, Marie was faced with an understood ultimatum. Tell her family and face public embarrassment or, run from the pain as long as possible and attempt recovery on her own. Unfortunately for her, recovering from rape isn’t something anyone, man or woman, can do alone. With no support for the better part of a decade, and no experience in matters of love and intimacy, Marie struggled to beat her past trauma alone, taking on fresh wounds and challenges along the way. This is a story of the transformation Marie, and many other rape and sexual assault survivors, experience as they battle with post-traumatic stress syndrome and overcoming trauma. With no real ending, this novel provides a platform for discussing the raw truth about how victims are affected and what it takes for them to become overcomers. Marie bears her soul for the world to see and possibly shred with the understanding that until rape becomes table talk, the perceptions and suicides associated with the crime will continue.”

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