Curry Class Note

Carolyn Massie Still

Carolyn Massie Still (Ed.D. ’93 C&I) Carolyn Massie Still“After retiring from Albemarle County, I wanted to have an adventure with my degree and experience. So, I have gone abroad. First, I was a principal of a grades 1-12 school in Taiwan; next, I was an elementary principal of an American school in Egypt. Now, I have been having a wonderful experience as a classroom teacher in an international school in Germany. It has been educational to learn about Asian, Arabic, and European cultures. The private schools are VERY different from those public ones I had worked in before going abroad! My husband, Leo, has been the ‘trailing spouse.'”

Carolyn Massie Still's Curry Memory

“I enjoyed being a graduate instructor for EDIS 501-502 with the M.A.T. program.”

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