Curry Class Note

Robert F. Jackson, Jr.

Robert F. Jackson, Jr. (B.S. ’70) retired early from teaching, having focused most of that time on middle school social studies. “I was blessed to be able to teach on the college level for a few years in the Philippines, my wife’s homeland and historically America’s largest and farthest former colony. Living there during the Marcos years was an educational experience for a social studies teacher. I coached college level women’s volleyball in the Islands as well. Leaving teaching was not really retirement but a career change.

Bob and Maria Jackson
Painting of Bob and his wife Maria by their daughter Sonia Jackson Summers

“Since then, I have engaged first in painting, which involved mostly medium to large wall murals and portraits, and finally, writing. The later is possibly a final port of call professionally, as it seems to suit best and was the primary goal upon graduation from Virginia. Retirement is not being contemplated. My efforts in the literary field are self-determined and controlled by my personal publication and promotion of my own websites and books, such is the nature of my personal will to resist any creative editing by others or outside pressure. The artistic design and illustration of my online and print publications is all done by myself. I was blessed a second time when painting murals because I was able to work with our daughter, Sonia Jackson Summers, an honors graduate in writing and illustration from the University of Tennessee.

Robert F. Jackson, Jr.'s Curry Memory

“For me, one who reveled in the student experience, my fondest memories entailed simply the classroom experience and the discussions in the student center over meals. Teaching was not my primary calling, though it fit me and I, it to a degree. Therefore, I took no special pleasure from student teaching or observations. The total experience was what mattered, with debate and discussion sticking in my mind even until today.”

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