Curry Class Note

Richard Fowler

Richard Fowler (M.Ed. 60) became a teacher and guidance counselor at Scottsville High School in Albemarle County and was also the baseball coach. “I then returned to Spartanburg, S.C., to teach French. Three years later I was made the District Coordinator of Foreign Language. In the summers I attended institutes for training of Foreign Language teachers and eventually became a member of the staff of those institutes in Toulouse, France. I taught adjunct graduate education courses in Foreign Language teaching at Converse College for more than 30 years. I remained coordinator of foreign language in Spartanburg until 2000 and retired.

In 1973 I was elected President of the South Carolina Education Association, and during my term, I worked with legislators to inaugurate Blue Cross Medical Insurance for all teachers in the state, to reduce the retirement age, and to provide for a Fair Employment and Dismissal Act, along with a substantial raise in pay to bring the South Carolina teachers to the average of all southeastern state averages. In 1974 I was the South Carolina representative to the World Conference of the Teaching Profession in Singapore.

From 1970 through 2006 I conducted tours of Europe in the summer, especially France, for students, teachers (to earn graduate credit), and ordinary tourists. I also conducted the interim history tours for Spartanburg Methodist College for 13 years. During that time I sponsored exchange visits between schools in Normandy and Vire in Normandy.

After retirement I accepted a position as Foreign Language specialist with FACES an organization that sponsors overseas teachers to come to South Carolina to fill positions. I still hold that position, conduct interviews, training, and observations of classes.

My main hobby is writing. I have written about 10 books of family history and am currently working on a novel that is almost finished, on the resistance in France during the German Occupation 1940-1944

Richard Fowler's Curry Memory

“Visiting Dr. Raymond Bice. All the ties with Dr. Richard Beard, and my classes with the dynamic professor of Human Growth and Development Dr. Paul Walter. He was a powerful lecturer.”

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