Curry Class Note

Marby Davis

Marby Davis (B.S. ’47) “In 1997 when I went for my 50th reunion and became a member of the Thomas Jefferson Society, those with whom I talked with did not know women had attended the University before the 1960s.  It was from the Curry School of Education that I graduated in 1947.

“Before that, in 1943, there was an engineering program for women to free men to go to war.  Ladies were to be college graduates and math majors.  I had two years of college and two semesters of business math.  My dad and I went to see the dean.  He said, “Well your father is an engineer and a lawyer and you’re living at home, so I guess we will take you.”  The reason they took me:  They needed 10 women to give the course, and they only had nine.

“I worked 14 months as a junior engineer in Langley Field, Va., testing model sea planes. Then I returned to U.Va. In those days when attending any ceremonies, it was always ‘Gentlemen.’

“We had a coed room.  You entered a very big room with eating tables and a sitting area and big beautiful fireplace. Our two sororities met in there (there were 24 fraternities).   There was a kitchen and a bedroom and a bathroom.  Betty- CoEd waited on us and served us lunch.  I was there to help her some. One summer I was Assistant Dean of Women when the dean was away. The Co-Ed Room was closed, and I went in for something and birds were flying all over. What a mess!  The chimney had not been closed.

“I was a member of the Lychnos Society for women corresponding to the Raven Society for men.  This was another of the things that in 1997 they were not aware until looking back in history.

“Funny the things you remember!! Though I don’t drink,  this is the song I remember:”

From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill we’re going to get drunk tonight.
The faculty’s afraid of us, they know we are in the right.
So fill up your cups – your loving cups, as full as full can be.
And as long as love and liquor last we’ll drink to the Uni-V.
Hey I think we need another drink –
Hey I think we need another drink for the glory of the U VA.

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