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John Deupree

John Deupree (M.Ed. ’71 Couns Ed) retired from 27 years of working in higher education in 1995. The first 4 years was spent at UVa working in sponsored research, about one year, and the other 3 years in continuing education. For the remaining 23 years. I worked as a registrar at various colleges and universities. My M.Ed. degree in Counseling was very helpful during my years as a registrar with both students and faculty.

John and Ann Deupree
John and Ann Deupree
A few years after my retirement, I worked in various, menial part time jobs. While I was still doing those part time jobs, I took training to learn to tutor immigrants in English as a second language. I enjoyed that so much, I applied at my local community college to teach ESL. In August 2001, I got my first teaching position in ESL. I taught ESL for the next 11years at three different North Carolina community colleges. Teaching ESL was the best job I ever had, even though I taught only one class at a time for two or three days a week. The best part of the job was getting to meet and become friends with people from all over the world. I taught Intermediate ESL for the first few years and advanced ESL until my second retirement last summer in August 2012.

I taught students from about 65 different countries during my 11 years of teaching ESL. One of my lessons was about the advantages of multicultural for students from different countries. This particular lesson ended with the following statement. “I learned something about different cultures. If I had not come here, I wouldn’t have been able to attain these insights into other cultures. I wish everyone in the world could have the same experience. Perhaps, if all the people in the world knew more about cultures different from their own and had the opportunity to make friends with people different countries, peace would be secure.” I say, Amen to that!”

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