Recent Notes

Afi Wiggins (2014) Afi was recently hired as Director of Program Evaluation and Research at the University of Texas Charles A. Dana Center. The UT Dana Center provides teachers and instructional support personnel in schools, colleges, and universities training, resources, and other products and services in K-14 science and mathematics education for underrepresented and other student populations across the US and internationally. Click this link to see Afi’s feature on the UT Dana Center website:

Diane Hoekstra (1991) Diane is  a 1991 graduate of the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology.

Her daughter, Grace just graduated with a Masters from the Curry School and attended UVA as an undergraduate. Grace was captain of the UVA Women’s Rowing Team. Diane’s son, Joseph is a sophomore at Frostburg State University and wants to take after his grandfather and become a Game Warden.

This past year, Diane has moved, gotten married, become a grandmother, launched my children, and well–that’s a lot!!!

Diane Hoekstra's Curry Memory

My years at UVA are among the most treasured of my entire life–I consider myself privileged to have attended such a beautiful, prestigious school and to have learned from such brilliant, gifted faculty. My fondest memories include hanging with Karen Loftus watching Miami Vice (haha) and my training in the Family Stress Clinic with Dave Waters. So many more!!!

Arthur “Tucker” Miller (MEd 1975) Dr. Miller has retired after 32 years teaching at The University of Montana. Dr. Miller was the former Chairperson and a Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance.

J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. (1982) Gordon retired in 2012 after 28 years on the faculty of The University of Alabama and began volunteering at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame ( In 2015, Gordon increased his commitment to the Hall of Fame and was appointed to a three-year term on the selection committee in 2016, responsible for voting on nominees for induction to the Hall. Additionally, he volunteers with the local Salvation Army.

George Martin (Ed.D. ’92 Engl Ed) celebrated the third anniversary of starting a learning corporation with his wife at Market Square in Midlothian, Virginia. “We have tutored hundreds of students: from those learning their alphabet to those wishing to obtain certification to become teachers or nurses.”

George is the author of The Golden Boy: A Biography of Jackie Jensen (2000).

George Martin's Curry Memory

“I recall that about the time I was graduating from Curry, word was that the parking area opposite Ruffner Hall was about to undergo construction for a parking garage. I thought of the many times I drove into the parking lot in hopes of finding a spot for less than an hour to pick up or drop off papers–only to find no spots were available.”

Brian Kissell (Ph.D. ’06 Elem Ed)

When Writers Drive the Workshop—Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices
by Brian T. Kissel, Ph.D.
Stenhouse, 2017.

In this practical, engaging book, former elementary school teacher and university professor Brian Kissel asks teachers to go back to the roots of writing workshop. What happens when students, not planned teaching points, lead writing conferences? What happens when students, not tests, determine what they learned through reflection and self-evaluation?

Michael Inge (M.Ed. ’15 Higher Ed) and his wife, Sarah, welcomed a son, Elijah David, on July 7, 2016.

Erika Caruso (M.T. ’05 Elem Ed) and her husband, Thomas J. Caruso (Col ’04), welcomed a daughter, Marielle Frances, on June 1, 2016. Marielle joins sister Charlotte Jane, 2. The family lives in Menlo Park, California.

Abby Swanson Kazley (M.T. ’01 Spec Ed) was promoted to professor in the department of healthcare leadership and management at the Medical University of South Carolina. Ms. Kazley teaches in the master in health administration program and conducts research evaluating hospital strategies in health information technology. She and her husband live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, with their three children.