Class Notes Submitted in June, 2016

Ed Moses (B.S.Ed. ’04 Health & PE) was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Virginia magazine article, “’Hoos got the medals: Catching up with some of UVA’s Olympians“:

Co-founder of Mojo Marketing & Media; recently launched a sports app called StatFuel

Gold and Silver in swimming, Sydney, 2000

Some advice: “There’s no secret sauce for figuring out what it takes to get there and win. When I was at UVA—and everyone else was partying—I felt I had a responsibility. Be organized, disciplined, have a plan. Prepare and know that on that day, you’ll do everything you can.”

Favorite flashback: Closing ceremonies. “Hundreds of thousands of people in the stadium, and tens of millions more watching on TV. Strangers from all over, just coming up and wanting to touch you. They might not have even known my name or my event, but they knew what those medals meant, what they stood for. It was such an honor. So humbling.” (more…)

Chester Mummau (Ed.D. ’04 Admin & Supv) has been appointed Superintendent of Schools for the Shippensburg Area School District, Shippensburg, Penn., after serving as superintendent of the Wyalusing Area School District in Bradford County, Penn., for a little over 5 years.

Emily Nichols (Ph.D. ’14 Clin & School Psych) finished her postdoctoral fellowship in the Developmental Medicine Center at Boston Children’s Hospital in November of last year. “I got to learn and work alongside fellow Curry alumni Kate Driscoll (M.Ed. ’03, Ph.D. ’07 Clin & School Psych) and Tina Lafiosca (M.Ed. ’87, Ph.D. ’81 Clin & School Psych)! I am now a staff psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, working in a primary health care based program, Advocating Success for Kids, providing assessments, therapy, consultation, and school advocacy for kids with learning and developmental needs in the Boston Public School system. Nate and I are loving parenthood and Ezra (19 mos) keeps us on our toes! We hope to return to Virginia one day and think fondly of our time in Charlottesville.”

Meghan O’Leary (M.Ed. ’08 Soc Fdns) will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after winning the Women’s Double Sculls event with her rowing partner Ellen Tomek at the U.S. Olympic Trials in April.

“I remember waiting until I saw Ellen put her hands over her head before I allowed the surge of emotions to erupt from inside of me. I yelled with everything I had left, a wave of adrenaline coursing through my body as I threw my fist in the air, grabbing Ellen’s hand with the other. We did it. Pure joy. Relief. Then disbelief. And finally, numbness. Those moments after a race are always fuzzy, and everything seems to happen quickly–a blur of images passing through your brain, sort of like those dreams you have when you’re half awake, half asleep. Reality, but still a foggy existence..”

Read more on Meghan’s blog:

Suzanne Rice (Ed.D. ’04 Admin & Supv) was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for Suffolk Public Schools on June 1, 2016.

Suzanne Rice's Curry Memory

“They are all fond – except dissertation time!”

Richard W. Shelly (M.Ed. ’71, Ed.D. ’77 C&I) (70), of Roanoke, Va., passed away Saturday, June 18, 2016. He taught in Fairfax County Public Schools then became founding director of the Roanoke Valley Governor’s School in 1985., which he considered a calling.  Read the full obituary in The Roanoke Times.

Roy Robbins (Ed.D. ’96 Ed Resrch & Methods) Poster Art Nights
by Roy Robbins,
(Unsolicited Press),
a collection of poems featuring lyrics, satires, narratives and haiku.

Kathleen (Wiesner) Trace (M.T. ’06 English Ed)  

Trace book coverA Wannabe Teacher’s Guide: Getting Hired, Having Fun, & Staying Sane
by Kathleen Trace,
2016 (Create Space).

Trace, a current classroom teacher, explains how to survive and thrive as a fledgling educator. This short, to the point, guide is perfect for college students considering a career in teaching or career switchers. Easy read, low key, doesn’t take itself too seriously. The anti-textbook. This step-by-step guide takes readers from thinking about a career in education to earning a degree, to resumes, interviews, first days, and the first year. Secrets include up to date buzzwords, the differences between inner city and suburban schools, and the disparity between theory and reality in terms of pedagogy and discipline. The pages are filled with lighthearted advice and include: -checklists -sample resumes -letters to parents -syllabi -first day plans -and so much more

J. Roy Vorhauer (M.Ed. ’67, Ed.D. ’77 Admin & Supv) Unshackled cover

by J. Roy Vorhauer, 2013

Just received a great review from the Daily Press.

Read an interview with Vorhauer in the Virginia magazine.

“J. Roy Vorhauer worked for 27 years as teacher, coach, principal, and professor, trying throughout his career to improve race relations in schools. At U.Va. he was influenced by Professors James Bash and Nathan Johnson, who founded the Curry School Desegregation Center. The Curry School created the center in 1967 to support public school districts in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. by training teachers and administrators in schools being desegregated.” (more…)